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بوستر فیشر

بوستر فیشر

Fisher booster


تجهیز صنعت تامین کننده  محصولات کمپانی امرسون پروسس شامل کنترل ولو ، ریگلاتور ، ترانسمیتر ، سوئیچ ها 


Fisher booster

Fisher™ 2625 Series Volume Boosters


Fisher 2625 series volume boosters are used in conjunction with a positioner on a throttling control valve to increase stroking speed. The 2625NS is a nuclear service version and uses elastomeric components that better withstand high temperature and radiation environments. The 2625 and 2625SST are certified for use in Safety Instrumented System (SIS) applications. Certification is by exida® Consulting LLC, a global provider of functional safety and control system security.




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