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کنترلر فیشر

کنترلر فیشر،Fisher Controller

فروش انواع کنترلر فیشر(fisher)  درمدل های 4150 /4160/4194  بصورت تحویل فوری و سفارشی در کوتاه ترین زمان

کنترلر فیشر

 تامین تجهیزات صنایع نفت ،گاز و پتروشیمی واردات و تامین انواع کنترلر فیشر


Fisher® 4194

Fisher® 4194 Series differential pressure indicating controllers show process differential pressure and set point on an easy-to-read process scale. The controllers sense two different pressures and compare the difference between these pressures with an operator-adjusted set point. A pneumatic signal is then delivered to a control element to change the process differential pressure toward the set point. The controllers use a capsular element for differential pressure up to 2.0 bar (30 psi). They are available for proportional only, proportional-plus-reset, and differential gap control. The controller is also available with anti-reset windup, internal auto/manual station, and remote set point

Easy Maintenance—Simple design of the controller allows fast, easy maintenance and minimal spare parts inventory.

Easy Adjustment—Adjusting the set point and the zero and span of the process pointer and switching between direct and reverse action are accomplished quickly and without special tools. Also, the set point and proportional band can be adjusted with no interaction between the two adjustments.

Vibration Resistant—Simple design and low mass of internal parts allow the controller to withstand vibration encountered in most plant environments.

Low Air Consumption—Relay and nozzle design reduces steady-state air consumption to as low as 0.09 normal m3/hr (5 scfh).

Corrosion Resistant—Tough plastic housing resists corrosive environments. Internal constructions are available to resist a corrosive supply pressure media.

Mounting Versatility—The controller can mount directly on the actuator or it can mount on a pipestand, on a wall, or in a panel.

Highly Visible Display—Two red pointers on a 114 mm (4-1/2 inch) long white-on-black scale show differential pressure and deviation from set point at a glance. Two other gauges monitor supply and output pressures


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